ReClaiming My Time Tea
ReClaiming My Time Tea

ReClaiming My Time Tea

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You wake up late, your breakfast burned, your car won’t start and you just got a text from your boss asking where you are!! Give yourself a break! Your problems can wait …. you are starting this day, you first.

Let that foolishness fall to wayside as you step over it and:
reclaim your time
reclaim your day
and reclaim your life

With a combo of three different types of green tea (It’s our job to be extra) and magic of rose, take a breath in, clear your energy, and reclaim your time.…. People better watch out and move out of your way hunti
….you got things to do
….. people to see
brunches to eat
laughs to laugh
loves to love..
French fries to consume …. they better go ‘on ahead …. because you are reclaiming you time 😘

Reclaiming my time  Ingredients:
Rose petals
Matcha green tea
Sencha green
Gunpowder green